Our centenary boat “Falcão Veloz”, is back in action, after months of restoration by our team, we work hard to maintain the highest standards of safety and comfort, being our commitment at “Bom Dia Boat Trips” in Lagos.

On this inaugural trip, we were gifted by the radiant sunshine and crystal clear skies of the Algarve, on a 2 hour trip through the rock formations and caves along our coastline, starting in the Bay of Lagos, the first big bay for all those sailing towards the Mediterranean and the last before the Atlantic Ocean.

Our clients were able to enjoy the trip, with mandatory stops to photograph and learn the history of each of the caves, on board, in the comfort of the “Falcão Veloz” our clients can go in and out for a swim in the warm coastal waters, and with our diving equipment it is possible to observe the bottom of the sea.

The trip included a visit to the caves of “Ponta da Piedade” in a smaller boat, making it possible to get a closer look at the incredible rock formations along the coast. All in all, an incredible tour!

Falcão Veloz - Visit to Lagos Bay

We returned to Lagos, aboard the “Falcão Veloz” with sails extended, accompanied by some dolphins, sailing with the wind, while our clients and friends enjoyed wonderful cocktails, with the backdrop of a Hollywood sunset.

The boat is nothing without its crew

Our essence is people, and at the “Falcão Veloz” its experienced team makes the difference,

The “Falcão Veloz” team has three professionals in their art, to provide unique experiences and moments,

The Captain, Master Francisco, better known as “Chico”, is an old fisherman of our coast, wise in the art of sailing and with long and hilarious stories of his life to tell. This “Indian from Meia-Praia”, an affectionate traditional name given to the residents of the Meia-Praia area, has been part of the Bom Dia Boat Trips team for over 15 years.

To assist the master “Chico” in the hoisting of sails, manoeuvres and moments of the trip, we have Maurício and Luís, two friends from different countries, united by the passion for the sea.

The Skipper “Instagrammer” Maurício, dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere, likes to capture these unique moments, many of the photographic records we have are thanks to him, always with a professional touch “Maurício style”. In fact, you can follow our tours on Instagram. In his spare time he is a dedicated boy in the world of the gym, or as he says “in the gym”, he has lived in Portugal for five years and has been part of our team for two.

The “Indian” Guide, Luís, born in Lagos, classified as “Middle Beach Indian”, a rare species of this fishermen region, with a captivating passion, as the captain knows endless stories of our coast and its caves, he is from the Algarve and the passion for the sea runs in his veins, four years ago we welcomed this Indian in Bom Dia Boat Trips.

To finish we leave you with the feedback of the first 2023 trip.

“Best boat trip ever. Lovely views, food and staff! Even the jumping in the water. I highly recommend it!”

Cloe & Grandma

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