For many the Algarve is a seasonal destination and the truth is that summer is the time of year when every day, whether by land, air or water, thousands and thousands of tourists settle in the south of the country to enjoy our beauty.

For us, even if not always with the best conditions to work near the caves, winter and spring is the time to best prepare for the coming summer.

Behind our trips in our beautiful boats, there are days and days of hard work unseen by our clients and friends.

In the office we prepare the dynamics, study the team reinforcements for the new year, analyze the comments and testimonials from our clients about the services we provided last summer. This is the only way we can plan the next season in order to provide the best experience to those who come to visit Lagos. It is also at this time that we decide and plan new tours and new experiences for the summer.

In our boatyard we prepare the boats for the new summer season, that is, we restore our boats at all levels. From the wood of the hull, the electrical parts that power the boat either for the engine or for the refrigerator to keep the drinks cool, or even for the boat signs. Everything to guarantee all the safety requirements, so that you can have a full experience in the summer.

In the photo below you can meet one of the people responsible for the beauty of the “Bom Dia”, Helio. Besides the work he does aboard our boats, he was the author of the most recent painting of the bow of our beloved “Bom Dia” boat. Our colors, our symbols and of course, the continuation of a work always handmade as the origin of our boats.

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