Since 2000, Bom Dia Boat Trips has had the privilege of being part of Marina de Lagos, an inseparable association. Discover how this partnership enriches our nautical experiences and provides unique moments for our visitors.

The Marina is an integral part of our company, and it is impossible to disassociate one from the other. Strategically positioned for sailors on the European coast, this marina is the first stop for many who cross the Atlantic or the last for those who are about to. For boating enthusiasts, it is an unmissable reference point, and a nautical destination of excellence in the south of Portugal.

Marina de Lagos

A Vital Point in Regional Navigation

Strategically located on the European coast, it is an obligatory stopping point for sailors crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Find out more about its vital role in regional boating and why it is loved by holidaymakers and sailors alike.

In addition to excellent nautical services, Lagos Marina offers a number of bars, restaurants and shops, making it an important tourist attraction in the region. Around the marina, the cultural and entertainment life is pulsating, providing unforgettable moments for those who visit.

Throughout the year, the Marina hosts various nautical events, such as boat races, fishing competitions and even festivals. It is also proud of its environmental certifications and protection measures, such as waste collection and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices. The preservation of the marine environment is a fundamental point for Marina de Lagos, which takes a leading role in the sustainability of the region.

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