In this article, we’ll explore one of the most popular tourist experiences: dolphin watching in the Algarve. This exciting journey offers close contact with these enchanting species that sail our seas.

In addition to the adorable dolphins, in the Algarve region is also an area of passage for other fascinating marine creatures, such as orcas – a topic we’ll cover in a future blog article.

Focusing again on our main journey, the resident dolphin species in this region are the bottlenose and common dolphins. These species live in a community and often perform acrobatics and jumps together. On some occasions, we may even spot rarer species, such as the striped dolphin. These appearances are possible due to the balanced temperature of our waters and the presence of shoals of smaller fish, including sardines, that pass close to our coast. These factors contribute to attracting and keeping these animals in our beautiful region.

Dolphins in the Algarve

How do dolphin watching trips work in the Algarve?

We emphasise that all dolphin watching trips are conducted in a responsible manner, respecting the daily lives of these creatures and the preservation of their natural habitats. We emphasise that direct contact with dolphins and feeding them is strictly forbidden.

Our dolphin watching trips last one and a half hours and are led by an experienced team of sailors and marine biologists, ensuring quality, safety and comfort during the experience.

“The boat was blue, with windows in every row of seats. Super fast. We had a long time with the dolphins. We met a group of about 9 animals, playful and curious. Our guide loved the tour and marvelled at the dolphins’ leaps. The price of 40 per person may not be low, but it’s definitely worth it. Information about the animals is available, all in English. We really enjoyed it.”

 – Sven Cornelius

It’s important to note that although we make every effort to provide an incredible experience, wildlife sightings are not guaranteed on every trip.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend the trip for pregnant women or children under the age of two, due to the use of fast boats.

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