It is June, the first official month of summer. This is the time when we receive a large number of tourists in our region. Welcome to the Algarve!

The Algarve, especially the main cities, is a destination much sought after by national and foreign tourists to enjoy relaxing holidays. For year after year, with the exception of the periods of higher incidence of COVID cases, the Algarve has set records. Records in the hotel sector, in gastronomy and in tourism.

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, we remember with satisfaction how the Portuguese excelled in controlling the transmission of the virus. It was their commitment and effort that allowed us to attract British, Belgian, Spanish and German tourists again in 2022. The Portuguese, even though their holiday styles differed from those of foreigners, also enjoyed the region as never before. Both local and international visitors felt safe in Portugal.

Although the Algarve is known for nautical tourism and the natural beauty along the coast, it has become an increasingly diversified tourist destination. The Algarve, being suitable for all tastes and ages. It is not only about beach, sun, bars and discos. The interior of our region, with its mountain ranges and vineyards, gains prominence in the tourist itineraries of those who visit us. Tourism in the Serra de Monchique and guided tours of the historic town of Silves have been gaining more and more followers.

How are your holidays in the Algarve?

Do you usually travel with family or friends? Although we don’t have experiences within the Algarve, we would like to share with you an aquatic activity that is gaining more and more fans, especially if you come on holiday with children: dolphin watching!

Dolphin Watching in the Algarve

Who provides you with this magnificent experience?

Sealife, one of the most reputable and established companies in the business with over 15 years of experience in the area. It is the only company, in Lagos, with Marine Biologists on board all boats and trips.

Embark on this exciting dolphin watching journey and be enchanted by these magnificent animals. Enjoy your holidays in the Algarve to the fullest!